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#BNP026* - CEHR vs Griffin, Lumby & Darby LOSE - CASE DISMISSED

 #BNP026* - CEHR vs Griffin, Lumby & Darby LOSE - CASE DISMISSED



Though I hold no brief for the values, ethics, integrity, morality and associates of The BNP and utterly repudiate their association with the vile supremacist movement of particularly America and their foundations in the gratuitous murder for entertainment of som 4-5,000 people by lynching without due process, mostly on the grounds of no more than colour leading to the killing for fun of mostly young male blacks.

That Nick Griffin refuses to openly and unreservedly apologise and disassociate himself and his party from these foundations and renounce all support and association with these vile people - further failing to ensure clarity of his repudiation of the views and values of a loyal funder Lady Birdwood and her obscene anti Jewish views and the views of the past leader John Tindall - in my opinion and by my morality makes The BNP and its leadership and support for the leadership and BNP as reprehensible as other similar racist organisations and fascist style groups such as The ANL, UAF,  AFL, KKK, EU, Searchlight, Zionism, Muslim extremists, Thuggee, Mafia, The Hagana, Irgun, IDF or Stern Gangs or similar, seeking on grounds of race. colour or creed to institutionalise intimidation, abuse or murder.

The discrimination apparent in the activities of positive discrimination are no less reprehensible than those of negative discrimination and it is for that reason and that reason alone that I personally welcome the verdict of The High Court AGAINST THE COMMISSION FOR EQUALITY & HUMAN RIGHTS as set out below and in the links.

Further it is not in my opinion the duty, role or right of The Government, The Judiciary (at any level) to dictate the democratic values of any political party in as far as they do not incite violence or intimidation against either the person or against property.

Should the Police or any other servant of the people or political party seek to democratically set up a black only group within their ranks that should be as acceptable as the WI being a women's group or Wimbledon holding a ladies' day.

The Government, the police, The Courts, the Military and the civil service are the servants of the people and if sufficient number of those people select to join together in a group to practice their views and preferrences it should be tolerated within the law as are legitimate perverse sexual practices or all religious superstitions.

That I choose to repudiate every aspect of The BNP on the grounds I clearly present is an integral part of the freedom I demand for The BNP - loathsome as I may consider them to be.

England and Wales High Court (Administrative Court) Decisions


B e f o r e :



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Mr. Robin Allen Q.C. and Mr. Nathaniel Caiden (instructed by The Commission for Equality and Human Rights) for the claimant
Mr. David Reade Q.C. and Mr. Christopher Coney (instructed by Charles Henry & Co.) for the first defendant
Mr. Nigel Ley (instructed by Charles Henry & Co.) for the second defendant
Mr. David Reade Q.C. and Mr. Jonathan Trussler (instructed by Charles Henry & Co.) for the third defendant
Hearing dates: 8th & 9th November 2010

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I would have wished to make quotes from BNP members and others but it seems that in the majority those on both sides of the fence are too ashamed of their views to put their names to them and in many instances I well understand that cowardly shame!


I do not believe that there is EVER a morally acceptable contingency where a vote for The BNP is acceptable. A vote for The BNP may well be the lesser of two evils but I consider it a vote for evil on any occasion. NEVER FORGET that The BNP has failed/refused to repudiate its association with White Supremacist Extremists and the murder of some 4-5,000 mostly young men BECAUSE they are coloured - including an elected Black Mayor January 2008 & a Mexican American 2009. Similarly they have failed to renounce their past association with extreme anti Judaism. To VOTE BNP is to Vote for Evil.
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