Saturday, 4 July 2009




if you had any doubts as to how unpleasant and ignorant The BNP are I believe any intelligent individual will have seen through them fairly rapidly just by watching these videos they have in the public domain.

I have yet to see a video, even those made by The BNP or at least released by them that fails to show them as anything other than venal, vile and vituperative.

It is unfortunate that the spokesman for the Race Relations QUANGO is so similar in type to the various spokesmen the BNP tend to have, perhaps this was just mischief making on the part of Jon Snow as wasn't he a declared Communist when at Liverpool Uni. and may well still be one today for all I know - I watch neityher Jon Snow nor his Uncle Peter as both bring nothing to the subjects that interest me and their personal bias disinclines me to watch them - as with so much of the propaganda on TV!

Watch the videos for yourself and unlike the Fascist style organisations like Searchlight, UAF and their ilk it is not my intention to force my views on you but rather to provide you with the data on which you can establish your own views.

I find it hard to distingusish between the bullying abuseive style of UAF, The BNP and Searchlight - they have much in common. In fact I would contend there is more similarity between them than distance which may explain why their hatred of eachother is so redollent of sibling rivalry.

That organisations like EUkip and people like Farage, Croucher and their ilk did so much to raise the profile of The BNP that they managed to elect two MEPs comes as no surprise to the informed.

Unlike most I welcome the fact that the BNP are now dragged into the open and can be exposed for what they are in the light of day - the covert racism of EUkip is more subtle and infinitely more self serving and devious as can be seen by their allegiance with Lega Nord who make even todays vile BNP seem acceptable if you do not look too closely and hold your nose!

I do not believe that there is EVER a morally acceptable contingency where a vote for The BNP is acceptable.

A vote for The BNP may well be the lesser of two evils but I consider it a vote for evil on any occasion.

NEVER FORGET that The BNP has failed/refused to repudiate its association with White Supremacist Extremists and the murder of some 4-5,000 mostly young men BECAUSE they are coloured - including an elected Black Mayor January 2008 & a Mexican American 2009. Similarly they have failed to renounce their past association with extreme anti Judaism.

To VOTE BNP is to Vote for Evil.

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