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I was interested in a thread on one of the many Forums I read or participate in, on The BNP who were whining about their perception of maltreatment by the Murdoch Press and claims of lack of Freedom of the Press. I responded on the Forum BNP thread as follows:
Firstly 'Freedom of the Press' is and always has been a myth if perceived as nothing more than accurate balance.

Secondly I know of no Press that has freedom as ALL have the primary purpose of either funded propaganda OR profit making.

The Press are NOT there for the people they are there for the shareholders and without very astute management they prove a huge and dangerous way to lose immense amounts of money.

The minority groups have ALWAYS claimed unfair treatment by the meeeja - largely because they fail to realise that meeeja makes its money by circulation figures NOT by sales and circulation figures are not well served by scribblings whether bland or accurate about minority political groups they are enhanced by articles PANDERING to large groups to gain circulation.

The income of a paper is dependent on their ABC rating as on that they can set advertising rates.

Do also remember that the SOLE income of a paper is from advertising as the cover price barely covers distribution.

How much advertising does The BNP or the Greens or EUkip or the like do? Yeah, not much!

On the other hand the largest single advertising budget in Britain is that of the Government and just watch the massive escalation in expenditure by the Government between now and the election - it will not be overt 'We Love Liebour' but rather 'Labour Brought You The No Smoking Ban which has saved X lives' (conveniently overlooking the catastrophy to the exchequer of the lost taxes and the closed pubs!).

I for one am glad the vile extremist Racist and anti Jewish BNP get little or no publicity for their sordid party which represents absolutely no values an ethical, moral British Patriot would or could be proud of.

I am interested that the odious Griffin tried to cash in on a populist reaction to Murdoch - who has been chastised by every party in Britain at one time or another! Perhaps he would care to advise in what way the Murdoch press has lied about his vile racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish little claque - perhaps he could use the Murdoch press to explain why The BNP has never renounced its early association and foundation funding in the White Extremist Militant American groups and their advocacy of and pleasure in the ritual killing for entertainment of some 3>5,000 mostly young men based upon colour.

These killings for fun the BNP have refused to renounce include cruxifiction, burning alive, lynching, dragging & shooting mainly - how do supporters justify supporting such behaviour that goes on to this day unrenounced by The BNP or its leadership.

Pardon my interest in your private shame but I'm sure the Murdoch Press would love to publish your attempts to justify and defend the obscenely unjustifiable and indefensible BNP.

I presume I will be banned from BNP meetings - what a relief!

"In politics, stupidity is not a handicap."
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

Greg L-W.

I do not believe that there is EVER a morally acceptable contingency where a vote for The BNP is acceptable.
A vote for The BNP may well be the lesser of two evils but I consider it a vote for evil on any occasion.
NEVER FORGET that The BNP has failed/refused to repudiate its association with White Supremacist Extremists and the murder of some 4-5,000 mostly young men BECAUSE they are coloured - including an elected Black Mayor January 2008 & a Mexican American 2009. Similarly they have failed to renounce their past association with extreme anti Judaism.
To VOTE BNP is to Vote for Evil.

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